Discover a new take on Estonian nature

Effortlessly planted in the Estonian jungle in the wilderness of the northern coast, introducing the traditional living in a contemporary way

With seamless indoor-outdoor living, encounter our modern take on the traditional way of life in Estonian coastal villages.

Odi Spa & Wellness

Experience the sensations of a private mini spa inspired by its surroundings. It combines the powerful elements of water, nature and heat to create space for healing and sensory exploration. 

Discover the ancient Finno-Ugric sauna culture alongside the more contemporary hot tub under the starry sky.


The architecture is rooted in the local landscape and culture where log houses have a rich and long tradition. Odi Resort is a new take on the classical Estonian log house, bringing light and air to the historically modest setup.


We strive to create exceptional experiences that enrich the lives of our guests and the community, including animals, birds and plants who co-exist on the premises of the Resort. Guests can be part of this vibrant ecosystem which we preserve with great care.

The traditional meadows surrounding the Resort have one of the highest biodiversity in the world. By preserving the meadows we are helping to protect the species typical to the region.

Rooms & Amenities

Both the architecture and interiors juxtapose contemporary aesthetics with local design elements, and natural materials. The living hall has dramatic views, featuring over four meters high panoramic windows framing the natural landscape. The three bedrooms are equipped with luxurious beds and while the top floor bedrooms offer unique views to the nearby village, the downstairs room opens to the terrace directly. 


Catch a flight to Tallinn and be in the heart of Estonian jungle in less than an hour. Engaging with an incredible, storied culture that inspires exploration both on and off-property, Odi Resort’s one-of-a-kind experiences encourage in-depth discovery of Estonia through its culture, makers, history, sights and sounds.


Explore the hiking trails and beaches of the North-West coast

Some of the most famously beautiful beaches as well as some secret spots are located in the neighborhood. Discover the sandy beaches of Laulasmaa or Klooga, and explore the pine forests and camping areas nearby. The high limestone coast of Paldiski is one of the famous natural objects in Estonia.


Discover the variety of Estonian history, from medieval monastery to soviet heritage

The St Matthias’ church, which reveals itself from bedroom windows, is often open during summertime and offers breathtaking views to the sea. Nearby Padise village is home to the only preserved Cistercian monastery in Northern Europe dating back to XIV century. The more interested in modern history are recommended to visit Paldiski, the biggest town nearby with a unique soviet past, or Rummu quarry which now serves as a leisure park and set for world famous films and music videos.

Taste the local cusine

While Odi Resort offers a fully equipped kitchen, those interested in local cuisine can reserve a table at Lahepere villa, a family run restaurant with Michelin Guide mention, or Wicca restaurant at Laulasmaa village. Padise Kastell in a nearby village offers a simple local seasonal menu and is a nice place to have a coffee after visiting the monastery.

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